Stop Reading If You Have Enough Franchise Leads

Welcome to 5th Avenue Leads, a company that knows how to a deliver executive franchise leads of a person who is ready to be a franchisee. We sift through the individuals that are still asking “what is a franchise?” to find the leads that are qualified and ready to get into franchising. In fact, our leads are more than leads. They are franchise candidates.

We are in the business of helping you make the most of your business resources. In other words, we find the business so you can close the business. Working together with you, we come up with a profile that meets your ideal standard for a franchise candidate. Then, we deliver only those candidates that fit that profile to you so you can present your franchise opportunity.

Here’s how we work. Our networks gather leads of individuals who are interested in a franchise opportunity. Then, our team contacts each individual live, via the phone and verifies that they meet the financial requirements set forth in your agreed-upon profile and their interest in your category. In addition, we offer GEO targeting for the specific territories where you have availability by State, County or Zip code at no additional charge. Once the candidate is call-verified and GEO targeted, we send them to you for the next step.

If you have enough franchisees then we are not the company for you. But if you don’t, and have franchise opportunities and need highly-qualified, call-verified franchise candidates to fill them, you need 5th Avenue Leads.

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