5th Avenue Leads is the premier lead generation organization that provides the most highly-qualified franchisee sales leads in our industry. In fact, our leads are more than leads. They are franchise candidates. Our proprietary technology and innovative processes weed through all the franchise sales leads for you. We identify and deliver only the best franchise candidates so you can achieve the best return on investment for your lead-purchasing dollars.


Our team of professionals speaks via telephone to each and every franchise candidate that we deliver to you. We provide your team with franchise candidates who confirm their finances, live in the right geographic territory, have an interest in your franchise category and are ready to take the next step.


During the live phone call with the client, our team verbally verifies that the candidate meets the minimum liquid capital and net worth requirements of your franchise offering. If they do not meet your financial verification standards, we do not pass them on to you or charge you for the lead.


Great franchisee candidates are useless if they don’t meet your specific geographic parameters. We offer the GEO targeting option based on State, County, or Zip code for all our clients at no additional charge.